AI Assist and Real Test Modes: Enhancing Your TOEFL Speaking Experience

Modified on Sat, 08 Jul 2023 at 09:56 AM

On My Speaking Score, you can take practice TOEFL Speaking tests in 2 modes: AI Assist and Real.

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AI Assist Mode (no TOEFL Speaking test rules enforced)

AI Assist mode in My Speaking Score offers valuable features to support TOEFL Speaking test preparation. This mode provides users with several benefits:

  1. Summaries of TOEFL Speaking Content: Users can access concise summaries of readings, conversations, and lectures associated with the tasks. These summaries offer a quick overview of the key points and concepts covered in the materials.

  2. High-Scoring Sample Response Transcripts: AI Assist mode includes sample response transcripts that showcase high-scoring answers for each task. These transcripts serve as valuable references, demonstrating effective speaking strategies, organization, and language use.

  3. Sample Responses in Male or Female Voice: Users have the option to listen to the sample responses in either a male or female voice. This feature provides a diverse range of models to learn from and helps users develop their listening skills.

  4. Flexibility in Test Rules: In AI Assist mode, test rules like preparation time are not enforced. This allows users to focus on understanding the content and practicing their responses at their own pace.

  5. Task Skipping and Re-recording: Users have the flexibility to skip tasks they prefer not to attempt or even re-record their answers to the same task. This provides additional opportunities for practice and improvement.

Real Mode (like the real Speaking section of the TOEFL iBT)

Real mode in My Speaking Score aims to simulate the actual TOEFL Speaking test experience. This mode adheres to the standard test rules and offers a more authentic testing environment:

  1. Test Rules and Timing: Real mode follows the official TOEFL Speaking test rules, including the specified preparation time for each task. Users will experience the same time constraints and requirements as in the real test.

  2. Realistic Test Experience: By selecting Real mode, users can gain a more accurate understanding of the actual TOEFL Speaking test format and conditions. This mode helps users become familiar with the pacing, pressure, and expectations of the official test.

The availability of both AI Assist and Real modes allows users to choose the mode that best suits their needs and preferences. Whether users prefer comprehensive guidance and flexibility in AI Assist mode or seek a more authentic test experience in Real mode, My Speaking Score aims to provide a versatile platform for effective TOEFL Speaking test preparation.

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