Unscorable Response

Modified on Mon, 01 Jan 2024 at 12:54 PM

Unscorable or "Uns" (i.e. not able to be scored) responses happen less than 1% of the time on My Speaking Score.


1. Bad audio

Unscorable responses are usually caused by bad audio recording. Typically this means:

  • a faulty mic
  • excessive background noise
  • excessive audio input volume (e.g. your mouth is too close to the mic)
  • insufficient audio input volume (e.g. you are speaking too quietly)

2. Bad transmission

It is also possible that the transmission of the file was interrupted at the moment you clicked "Get SpeechRater score". For example:

  • wifi interruption
  • device shutdown


You know a response has failed because you we send you an "Unscorable" email report.


Your credit is auto-refunded to your account immediately and our team is notified.

We can save it (maybe)

There is about a 50% chance that our team can save your Unscorable response. If it is valuable to you and you want us to try to save it for you, open a ticket and we'll have a look and try to help you.

Test your mic

If you are experiencing mic issues, you can test your mic to make sure it is performing well. 

The test is for Mac and Windows.


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