Grammar Feedback (e-rater)

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Feedback ElementMessageExample
101 - FragmentsThis sentence may be a fragment. Proofread the sentence to be sure that it has at least one independent clause with a complete subject and predicate."Running quickly." (Correct: "He is running quickly.")
102 - Run-On SentencesThis sentence may be a run-on sentence. Proofread it to see if you need to add punctuation, add conjunctions, or create separate sentences."I like dogs I have three." (Correct: "I like dogs. I have three.")
103 - Garbled SentencesThis sentence contains several grammatical or spelling errors that make your meaning unclear. Proofread the sentence to identify and fix the mistakes."She don't likes ice creams." (Correct: "She doesn't like ice cream.")
104 - Subject-Verb AgreementThis subject and verb may not agree. Proofread the sentence to make sure the subject agrees with the verb."The books on the shelf needs dusting." (Correct: "The books on the shelf need dusting.")
105 - Ill-formed VerbsThis verb may be incorrect. Proofread the sentence to make sure you have used the correct form of the verb."She running fast." (Correct: "She is running fast.")
106 - Pronoun ErrorsThis pronoun may be incorrect."Everyone should bring their own lunch." (Correct: "Everyone should bring his or her own lunch.")
107 - Possessive ErrorsYou may need to use an apostrophe to show possession."My brothers car is new." (Correct: "My brother's car is new.")
108 - Wrong or Missing WordDid you type the instead of they, or have you left out a word?"She going to the market." (Correct: "She is going to the market.")
109 - Proofread This!This part of the sentence contains an error or misspelled word that makes your meaning unclear."Its a beautiful day." (Correct: "It's a beautiful day.")

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