Credits: Everything you need to know

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On My Speaking Score, you spend 1 credit for 1 SpeechRater report for 1 response to 1 task

We use a credit system so you can exchange a credit for a SpeechRater report whenever you want to. 

Credits never expire and stay in your account forever, so you can use them with peace of mind, whenever you need them.


  • you record a 45s response to TOEFL Speaking Q1
  • it costs 1 credit to get the SpeechRater score for that response
  • you need to buy credits from My Speaking Score

How to record a response:

  • click Tests on your menu
  • select Practice mode or Test mode
  • record a response to a task
  • you can record responses from your dash without entering a test (click Mic on our menu)

Note: you do not need to take a complete TOEFL Speaking test to get a task scored (e.g. use AI Assist)

=== How to buy credits ===

  • click Buy Credits on your menu.

You can buy credits in bundles of 4, 12, 44, and 60. 

The more credits you buy, the cheaper they are.

Detailed Explanation

My Speaking Score utilizes a credit system to provide you with a seamless and affordable way to access SpeechRater Reports for your TOEFL Speaking practice.

With our credit system, managing your purchases and obtaining SpeechRater scores becomes effortless, offering you a convenient solution whenever you need feedback on your speaking performance.

Key Information about Credits

  1. Easy Purchase and Usage: You can purchase credits directly from your account at any time, ensuring a hassle-free experience. These credits can be used to obtain SpeechRater Reports whenever you require them.

  2. No Expiration: Rest assured that your credits will never expire. They will be available for use whenever you need to assess your speaking performance.

  3. Simple Pricing Structure: Each Speaking report requires only 1 credit. This straightforward pricing model allows for easy understanding and straightforward transactions.

  4. Cost Savings: By buying credits in larger quantities, you can take advantage of cost-saving benefits. The more credits you purchase, the more cost-effective they become. Learn more about our pricing options and the potential savings available.

  5. Non-refundable: Due to our high-volume and to keep credit prices low, we are unable to refund your credit balance after you make a purchase.

Credits and Tests

The reason we give you task scores instead of test scores is so you see how you are performing in each task and troubleshoot task problems.

Here's how My Speaking Score is organized:

My Speaking Score generates a complete SpeechRater report for every TOEFL Speaking task you record and submit for scoring. That costs one (1) credit.

Response Flow

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