TOEFL® Speaking tests: AI Assist mode

Modified on Sat, 08 Jul 2023 at 09:59 AM

My Speaking Score enables you to take TOEFL Speaking tests in two modes - AI Assist mode and Real mode. #learnmore

Watch a video about this.

Note: For long-time users of My Speaking score, AI Assist mode used to be called Practice mode.

AI Assist mode

1. From Tests, choose a test and click AI Assist.

2. Click Start to begin.

3. In AI Assist mode, click the buttons in the navigation bar to go back a page, continue to the next page, or skip ahead to the next task.

4. In AI Assist mode, click the task numbers in the task bar to go to another task. Your active task is ringed.

5. In AI Assist mode, there is no preparation time. Spend as long as you like in part of a task. Click on the icon beside the audio player... show transcripts for the conversation and the lectures. 

6. In AI Assist mode, you can pause the audio in the conversation and the lectures.

7. In AI Assist mode, after you record a response to a task, you can listen to it, and decide if you want to Cancel it or Add to Cart. If you click Add to Cart, your response is put in the Cart.

8. In AI Assist mode, you can listen to Model responses in male and female voices.

9. In your Cart, you can listen to your response before you get your SpeechRater™ score. 

10. Scoring a response takes a few seconds and while it is being scored, you will see an In Progress indicator in My Reports. My Speaking Score sends you an email when your score is ready. You can also wait a minute and refresh your page to see your score. 

11. When your score is ready, it appears in Responses.

12. Un-scored responses stay in your Cart. 

13. Your best scores for each task in a test appear on the test tile as your Score estimate. Only the highest score for each task appears on the tile beside the question number. 

Click the blue score to view the at-a-glance report for that response to see the Report for that response.

14. If you have more than one response for the same task in a test, you'll see a little number above your best score on the test tile. Click the test tile title to see all scores for that test. 


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