Interacting with My Speaking Score's Chatbot

Modified on Sat, 07 Oct 2023 at 09:29 AM

My Speaking Score customers have unlimited access to our Chatbot powered by ChatGPT 4 and trained on all our TOEFL Speaking materials.

To make your experience as smooth as possible, we've put together a table to help you interact with the Chatbot.

Questions for ChatbotWhy Ask?Action Needed*
"What are the different tasks in the TOEFL Speaking section?"To understand the format and requirements.No additional action needed.
"How is scoring done in TOEFL Speaking?"To understand the evaluation criteria.No additional action needed.
"Can you give me some tips on improving my pronunciation?"To target specific areas like pronunciation.Optionally, provide a short sample transcript for more personalized advice.
"How does SpeechRater evaluate speaking responses?"To gain insights into SpeechRater's algorithms.No additional action needed.
"What do my SpeechRater scores mean?"To interpret scores for improvement.Provide the specific scores you received for context.
"How do I use the My Speaking Score platform effectively?"To maximize platform benefits.No additional action needed.
"What kind of feedback will I get on My Speaking Score?"To understand the platform's feedback mechanisms.No additional action needed.
"Can I submit my TOEFL Speaking transcript for review?"To have a transcript analyzed and reviewed.Paste the TOEFL Speaking transcript into the chat.
"What are common mistakes to avoid in TOEFL Speaking?"To preemptively address common pitfalls.No additional action needed.
"Do you have any recommended resources for TOEFL Speaking practice?"To identify additional preparation materials.No additional action needed.

* Action Needed

No additional action needed: Simply ask the question and wait for the chatbot's informative response.

Provide specific information: For questions where you'll benefit from a more personalized response, you'll need to provide extra context or data. For example, if you want to know what your SpeechRater scores mean, you should provide those scores for the most accurate guidance.

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