Practice mode vs Test mode - Overview

Modified on Wed, 26 Oct 2022 at 05:32 AM

Take any test in one of two modes: Practice mode or Test mode. 

Practice mode is "cheat" mode. Test mode enforces test rules.

In your dashboard, select a mode by clicking the Practice button or the Test button on a test tile in your Test Library.

Test mode

When you enter a test in Test mode, test-taking conditions are enforced:

  • you can't stop or pause the test during a task
  • you can click continue to begin a new task
  • preparation time is enforced
  • the microphone is "auto enabled"
  • you can't stop or re-record a response

Practice mode #learnhow

When you enter a test in Practice mode, you have control over the pacing of the test:

  • there are no narrated directions
  • you can stop or pause the test during a task
  • there are no time limits
  • there is no preparation time
  • you can stop recording a response and re-record
  • you can record multiple responses to the same task

Exit any test at any time by clicking the exit icon.


Responses are stored in your Cart. View responses and listen to them by clicking the Cart icon. 

Get scores for only the responses you want. If you don't want to spend a credit on a response, Trash the response from your cart.

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