2. ETS Practice (Answers)

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The following are ChatGPT-generated answers for the ETS Practice test on My Speaking Score.

Question 1: Some people enjoy taking risks and trying new things. Others are not adventurous; they are cautious and prefer to avoid danger. Which behavior do you think is better? 

Sample Response: I believe that being adventurous and taking risks is the better behavior. While caution and avoiding danger have their own benefits, I think that the rewards of taking risks far outweigh the potential drawbacks. Taking risks and trying new things can lead to exciting and rewarding experiences, and it can help individuals to grow and learn about themselves. It can also lead to personal and professional success, as it allows individuals to think outside the box and be open to new opportunities. While there is always a risk of danger or negative consequences, I believe that these can be managed and minimized through careful planning and risk assessment. Ultimately, I believe that the benefits of being adventurous and taking risks make it a worthwhile behavior for individuals to pursue. (129 words) 

Question 2: The woman expresses her opinion about the university’s plan. State her opinion, and explain the reasons she gives for holding it. 

Sample Response: The university plans to discontinue the sculpture program due to a lack of student interest and the retirement of the department's only sculpture professor. The woman believes that this decision is a mistake and provides alternative solutions. The woman believes that the university's plan to discontinue the sculpture program is a mistake. She cites a lack of student interest as the main reason for the low enrollment in sculpture classes, but she argues that this is not due to a lack of interest from art majors. Instead, she believes that the required courses, which are mostly focused on painting and drawing, take up so much of the students' time that they do not have the opportunity to take optional classes such as sculpture. She also suggests that the university could hire a part-time professor or utilize professors who have secondary fields in sculpture to teach these classes, rather than eliminating the program altogether. (153 words) 

Question 3: Using the examples of the peanut bug and the morpho butterfly, explain the concept of Revealing Coloration. 

Sample Response: Revealing coloration is a defensive strategy used by animals to protect themselves from predators. It involves using bright colors that are normally hidden from view, but are suddenly revealed when approached by a predator. The sudden display of color can startle or confuse the predator, giving the prey an opportunity to escape. This strategy is employed by a variety of animals in different ways. For example, the peanut bug has bright, colorful spots on its back wings that it reveals when it is attacked. The morpho butterfly, on the other hand, has shiny parts on its wings that reflect sunlight. When it is attack, it flaps its wings to create flashes of light that make it difficult for the predator to follow and catch it. These are just two examples of how animals use revealing coloration to protect themselves from predators. This strategy is an important part of the natural world and helps to ensure the survival of many species. (160 words) 

Question 4: Using the points and examples from the lecture, explain the two pricing strategies described by the professor. 

Sample Response: There are two main pricing strategies that companies use when introducing a new product to the market. The first strategy involves setting the initial price of the product high, followed by a lower price at a later stage. This approach is used for innovative products and assumes consumers will perceive a higher price as an indicator of higher quality. For example, when video recorders, video cameras, or cell phones first came out, they were very expensive but then became much more affordable. The second pricing strategy involves setting the initial price low, especially when the market is already saturated with similar products. This approach is used to appeal to new consumers and encourage existing consumers to switch brands. For example, a computer maker may offer a computer at an affordable price, lower than existing brands, in order to gain market share. The company can make profits from this strategy by encouraging customers to purchase accessories, such as printers or software, that are also manufactured by them. (166 words)

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