Grammatical Accuracy: Improving the accuracy of your grammar in speech

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Imagine you are playing a game where you need to put puzzle pieces together to make a picture. In the game of speaking, using grammar correctly is like putting the puzzle pieces in the right places to create a clear and understandable picture.

Grammatical accuracy in TOEFL Speaking means using the right words in the right order and following the rules of grammar, just like putting the puzzle pieces in their correct spots. It's like using the right building blocks to make a strong and sturdy tower.

When you use grammar accurately, it helps people understand what you are saying without getting confused. It's like speaking a language that everyone understands because you are using the correct words and sentences in the correct way.

So, when you speak in the TOEFL Speaking test, remember to use the right grammar to build your sentences correctly, just like putting puzzle pieces in their proper places. This will help the person listening to you understand your ideas clearly and easily.

Technical Explanation

DimensionModelConstructImpact on OverallDefinition
Grammatical AccuracyLanguage UseGrammarMildHow correctly you use English grammar conventions.

Responses with a higher Grammatical Accuracy score correlate mildly with high TOEFL Speaking scores.

Overall Score

  • Good: 26-30
  • Fair: 18-25
  • Limited: 10-17
  • Weak: 0-9

What this chart tells us

For the Grammatical Accuracy dimension, there is a relationship between the sequence of words (e.g. subject, verb, object) in your response and your overall TOEFL Speaking score. To earn a high overall TOEFL Speaking score, you probably need to produce more grammatically correct sentences than other test takers.

  • the Grammatical Accuracy score is 41 (i.e. it scored in the 41st percentile)
  • 59% of all responses scored higher; 41% of all responses scored lower
  • responses with a Grammatical Accuracy score above 73 are consistent with an overall TOEFL Speaking score in the Good range (i.e. 26-30 overall)
  • responses with a Grammatical Accuracy score between 48 and 78 received overall scores in the Fair and the Good ranges (i.e. where the blue/green bars overlap)
  • the Impact of this dimension is 2/4, meaning there is a mild correlation between Grammatical Accuracy and your overall TOEFL Speaking score


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